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Nmt project

There are a few addiction treatment in Singapore.One of it

will be Laser Acupuncture Centre.Beside the usual Pain

and Health disordered,the also provide treatment for

Alcohol and Drug Addictions.Using Acupuncture,it help

to slowly reduce the symptoms of addiction such as their

craving to the drug.


The centre for recovery is another addiction treatment

centre in Singapore.They provide different kind of after

care and addiction treatment for
* Alchohol Abuse
* Gambling Addiction (11 to 17 years old and adults)
* Sex and Love Addiction
* Internet and Cyber Game Addiction
*Children ( 7 to 10 years old)
*Teens (11 to 17 years old)
* Anger Management
* Women Recovery Group
* Shop Lifting (Kleptomania)
* Crisis Management
And each treatment is divide to different level,depending

of how deep their addiction is.And organizations such as

Betty Ford Center have referred their clients for AfterCare

and continuing treatment programs.

And the current Nams web site is an web 1.0 site,which do

not really interact and able to allow user to generate their

own stories.It could also be quite boring as there is no

interation with using and it just plain text word. Compare

to the Laser Acupuncture, Nams web site is much more

dull.In Laser Acpuncture web site,user are able to know

more regarding the acpuncture through the video post up

on the website.They also provide their client testmonials.I

feel that with user generate stroies will be good,at least

other user would know the success story about this


For Nams, we decided to make some changes to it

website,and also introducing new media site such as

facebook and twitter to Nams.New media play an very

important part,as for like facebook and twitter,it the top

few website in the whole wide world,so if to introduce

campaign or the Nams site itself,I believe that would be a

good choice. A forum would be added to the site to allow

admin to create an discussion on an topic and allow user

to discuss the topic.


Project workload

Tan Kian Ann

he talk mainly about search engine optimization (seo) , how are we able to earn using blog advertising,how he help his client to achieve to the first page on SEO,the ways how he look for client and also to things he did to achieve for client popularity.

Lionel Chin

his company could be one of the most interest one,he mention how he use game to allow his staff to generate idea of creation,and he mention about how people could use blog to make them recongiseable and also sell item on blogshop.

what had inspired me was the payroll for each project,and how seo could make a company local listed rank top in the google or yahoo search engine.main think is that how he was inspired to set up it own company as setting up company takes a lot of setback.

yes it is,it make us know how the real society is like and how and what our course to deal with when comes to the society and also the pay for our job scope.

My two favorite exhibition are south asia and west asia gallary. For the south asia, they display item as a whole, occupy the middle of the room with the main item , letting user to discover the main part during it first look. the above image is actually made using light shining on the ground, guiding the user where to go.

for west asia,they uses item such as drawer to make their display. opening up each drawer,you see different kind of display. this is good as it give people the surprise feeling of which what they are suppose to see,at the same time saving alot of space as item are all kept in a drawer form.

this is the new media tool that they use. instead of using the old ways of have a tour guild,now they pre built a “tour guild” everywhere. with just a click, those pre loaded video will start and you will be able to understand by listening to the “tour guild” is talking about.

another new media tool they use is also interactive,but this time round it is interactive gaming.this is also one way how to keep the attention of the user,using traditional game and also with explanation beside it.

what i could recommend for ACM is that they could actually give out a “i pad like” device during the entrance and using that device user can interactive more by having more explanation and even the map of the place for the user.such device has also been use by the national museum.



I will be doing on the overview of new media trend. New media trend does not really have to pay a big price to it. Media such as internet blogging(eg :word press and blogger),basically it is free for user.Some may use it as an personal online diary,while small enterprise could actually use it as a web advertising site for their business.Another useful new media will be eBay. It useful as let user having a chance to buy some second hand item or even brand new item at a price that is usually cheaper. At the same time it allow user to sell away item that is still usable and maybe no longer needed to them.The main reason for choosing this article is that nowadays,we are concern about the latest media trend and how it would help in those small business. Leaving big enterprise such as Microsoft aside as large company have a larger base of capital,hence they could use more than just media trend to increase it yearly overall growth.

One of the key finding will be SEO(Search engine optimization). Every company wish that their website to be recognizable, and with powerful search engine such as Google and yahoo,it allow user to get the information easily.

According to the above statistic,Google is rank first among all other search engine. What SEO do was that improve the website visibility in the search engine without having the company to pay to this advantage. This is also one way to improve for their business. With their web page more visible to the end user,it mean there will be a higher chance where by the user would visit it.Beside SEO,there is also SEM(Search engine marketing) which was use by larger companies as there won’t be an amount they have to pay.

Talking about social media strategy,the first thing that pop up in my mind will be fortune 1000 corporations. This corporation came up with 10 social media strategies to promote their business such as “letting go to get more”,and “social media is all about people”.Social media can be classify as the much more inexpensive to promoting of companies by reaching to large audience as nowadays social networking is very common in every country.Statistics show that 86% of Brazilian spent close to 5 hours on social networking .

One of the common way is to use blogging. Company uses blog or forum to promote their company,and working hand in hand with their corporate website. And some may use their blog to announce stuff such as promotion,instead of putting it in their corporate website.

Online shopping is another ways that small business could use it to increase on their business profit. Firstly,online shopping allow people to purchase item from overseas,this increase the business profit as there will be more customer than just it own country itself.Next,customer could purchase item online,and some even provide free delivery service that will attract even more customer as the company provide more service to customer. Online shopping is usually 24 hours and also cheaper then price sold in normal shops.Since there are pros,then also bound to have cons. One of the major problem for online shopping is that some picture might look very different from the actual product itself,and also that same time you also don’t know how trustworthy the online selling is and also the item can be cons too.

Beside using new media tread,there also other ways to increase small business opportunity such as they could find potential buyer and turn them into real buyer.Giving more benefit to customer could also increase business opportunity.

Looking at the above key points, I could conclude that new media trend had a very big impact and it already take out the old and traditional ways of doing thing. Everything nowadays are technologies. In the past,Internet advertisement were only being use by big company,as the amount they had to paid could be something that smaller companies could not afford. For now,although smaller company still use traditional promotion ways like newspaper,they mainly focus on internet advertising.

Overall there would be more strengths than it weakness. Speed and High audience rate is already the leading point. As from a business man point of view,there are a few things they needed in order to success in their business.They need more customer and faster time to increase their customer growth. The most important weakness that I wish to highlight will be the online safety.Hacking,Scam,and other online crime is common nowadays,and the ones that were being targeted will be kids and ignorant user.So there is still a risk using the internet.

What I would recommend to business man will be that using new media to promote their business is a must,but also not forgotten the traditional ways on promoting. Newspaper will be one of the ways,although it is an older way of doing promoting but no doubt that it is definitely useful.

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